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Regenerated TimeLord Masters Net modularity

The various hardware and software timing systems from Vortex have been completely revamped this year, including the introduction of a new modular TimeLord-Net and versions ideal for vehicle use.

Its V-400 series of time displays have undergone a major engineering and design refresh to provide enhanced operability, lower power consumption and additional features at a reduced cost. They now use the latest generation of clearer, brighter LED displays, which use less power, while infra-red remote control for setup is now standard, as is stopwatch operation. The new V-400NP includes NTP locking and Power-over-Ethernet capability, so mains power is not required, although that is only available for clocks with up to 10cm high digits because of PoE power constraints.

The TimeLord-Net Master Time Source has been completely re-designed and re-engineered, and is now modular, providing extra functionality at a lower price.

The new TimeLord-┬ÁNet GPS-locked NTP Time Server is a highly accurate, low cost, extremely compact universal NTP time server with GPS antenna and PoE. It works with all NTP compatible devices including the Vortex FLX-2 and V-400N series time displays and stopwatches.

Also new is the next generation FLX-2 Virtual Clock and Timer system, which uses Android hardware to provide graphical clocks for display on low-cost HDMI screens. FLX-2 can be programmed to display any of the V-400 series clocks or V-ECO or V-FLX.