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Redwood makes the news

The new Redwood Play master control branding and playout device is the big draw on the Aveco stand at IBC.

Designed for small news organisations or large news broadcasters with regional operations, it is available in different models with either six or eight DVEs and two or four SDI inputs.

All models have four HD video playback channels, four stereo audio players, four stereo mic/line inputs, an audio mixer, graphics with 32 layers of compositing and a character generator that is able to receive external data feeds for crawls and tickers. It also has a multiviewer, MAM, traffic interface and workflow management.

Redwood Play forms part of an Aveco platform that includes production and playout automation for discreet devices, as well as a studio-in-a-box.

At IBC Aveco is also promoting Take 2, an automation application for multi-camera studio recording that generates the equivalent of an assembly edit in order to reduce time in post production.

Designed for news and sports magazine shows, among other things, Take 2 controls all production resources including switchers, virtual sets and graphics, video and audio servers, robotic cameras, audio mixers, monitor walls, and lighting systems.

During production, if a ‘cut’ is called, a user can choose a resumption point on the Take 2 timeline and start recording again with all systems re-aligned and synchronised.