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Realistic VR audio

Spatial audio solution Works comes to IBC with an upgrade that sees G’Audio aim to deliver virtual reality experiences that sound like the real thing. The company said this version offered creators a more intuitive workflow and new features.
Works, which can be added to Avid Pro Tools as an AAX plug-in, allows creators to accurately place sound objects in 3D space.

Each sound source then has specific positional metadata, which goes through a binaural rendering process to sound like it’s coming from that corresponding position.

When content built with Works is played on an HMD or VR headset, sound objects change according to user interactions, synchronising what they see with what they hear.

Works supports the simultaneous use of three different kinds of audio signals: object, channel and Ambisonics. There’s no uniform VR audio format, but G’Audio’s proprietary format is known as GA5.

A new feature, called output format monitoring, lets the creators hear the difference in sound quality between Ambisonics and GA5 while they are working on a project.