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Raw Light shines on EOS C200

The new entry-level Cinema EOS C200 is on show at IBC, with a price tag of €9,230.

James Burwood, professional products manager, Canon UK, said: “[It’s] a great upgrade from the C100, with 4K, high frame rates and improved auto focus. It has the same sensor as the C300 Mark II and C700 and the same auto focus, and shares most accessories.”

“It’s a perfect combination of everything within the Cinema EOS family,” he added. “It is the first camera that we’ve got that can do 50/60p 4K internally, and can go up to 120fps in HD without cropping.”

The camera can shoot 10- or 12-bit Raw internally using Cinema Raw Light, which can give 15 stops latitude, recording to C-Fast 2.0 cards. It is 20-33 per cent of the size of Cinema Raw, giving about 30 minutes of recording time on a 256GB card, but offers the same flexibility in colour grading. Both the C700 and C300 Mk II have to use external recorders for Raw.

The C200 also has a touchscreen for touch auto focus, the first time this has been available for the Cinema EOS range. It weighs 1.4kg, is compact enough for mounting on a drone or gimbal, and has built-in WiFi and Ethernet for browser remote control and file transfer.

It won’t support Canon’s XF-AVC format initially, but that will arrive in a free firmware upgrade early next year.