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RAI News 24 studios completed

Italian systems integrator Aret recently completed the broadcast infrastructure for the brand new RAI News 24 studios, including the IT infrastructure for its new Avid system.

The project included: production room refitting; a graphics room; a Teleport; a Star Centre apparatus room; a documentary room; 12 RVM and post production rooms; and eight graphics workstations.

Aret took care of the executive design and of the project management of the entire infrastructure, including testing and commissioning of the broadcast equipment.

The company is currently completing a 12-camera pre-wired production studio, which will be installed in a building of significant architectural value.

The facility includes two production rooms, two studios and several stand-up posts around the building that are interconnected through optical fibre. The integration of technology and art, together with how the facility occupies the space are some of the key factor of this project.