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Quicklink: ENG encoder in a backpack is each HEVC-ready

An encoder in a backpack designed for mobile newsgathering is being showcased on the Quicklink stand at IBC.

The Quicklink Backpack makes use of eight 3G/4G modems that can simultaneously bond up to 15 connections, including WiFi and Satellite, in order to broadcast live video from the field.

Quicklink head of sales and business development Peter Watling said: “This is a really exciting time for the industry. The capabilities to capture broadcast quality live footage from virtually anywhere in the world are now endless.”

The Quicklink Backpack is built to withstand harsh conditions and is HEVC-ready.

Wales-based Quicklink is also showing a small version of its video uplink technology designed for use in remote locations.

The New Quicklink Mini bonds multiple networks together to maximise transmissions speeds. It is available in two versions: the base, designed to complement a BGAN/Thuraya terminal and any WiFi/Ethernet connection; and the LTE which has four 4G modems and antennas.
The HEVC-ready Mini has a touchscreen interface and can be controlled via web browser.