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Quick-connect using AoIP

The newly updated VX-4901 Intercom/Pushbutton Panel can now be used in conjunction with a Comrex Access or BRIC-Link codec to produce an IP intercom station. It was developed for Formula One through its partners Beta-6 and Tata to provide a low-cost IP intercom with high-quality audio.

It can sit in a 1U rack with a Comrex BricLink-II codec and has ten pushbuttons, any of which can be assigned an address to provide one-button connection. Tapping the button locks the destination and the in-built microphone channel is live for open talkback, while holding the button down provides push-to-talk. The VX-4901 includes a microphone preamplifier and stereo speakers plus stereo headphone output.

As the VX-4901 pushbuttons can be individually programmed, it also provides a simple quick-dial panel for IP audio codecs, which tend now not to have any front-panel controls, giving one-button connection to multiple destinations by assigning different functions to each of the buttons. It does not need to be co-located with a codec, as connection for control is over IP.

The VX-4901 can also interface to a Windows or Mac computer running Unity Intercom and operate as a hardware intercom panel for the workstation.