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Quantel: LiveTouch enters sports arena

Quantel has launched its new studio sports highlighting system, LiveTouch, entering a market currently dominated by EVS with additional players including Grass Valley.

Currently being tested by an undisclosed major sports broadcaster, LiveTouch has a scalable design and can support productions in several studios. The company differentiates it by noting that LiveTouch offers bidirectional editor integration, “making it faster and easier to integrate editing and highlights operations.”

More specifically, LiveTouch offers an optional integrated Quantel editing desktop and can work with other editing workstations on the same storage. The workflow is two-way, meaning that editors can access the highlights, with no media movement and the panels can play back any completed sequence.

For example, while the LiveTouch operator is capturing highlights on the fly and providing instant playback and slo-mos, an editor can be simultaneously editing the media recorded on the LiveTouch server, assembling the individual highlights into packages that are ready for playback from the LiveTouch panel the moment the live action is over. The media does not need to be transferred to a separate editor first.