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Quadriga range on show from Cube-Tec

The large-scale media solution provider is at IBC to demonstrate the range of its systems based on the Quadriga migration technology. These have been developed with the research and development departments of the Institut für Rundfunktechnik and the Fraunhofer Institute.

Cube-Tec offers separate, highly specialised Quadriga solutions for audio, video and film-based carrier collections. The company said Quadriga•Audio is widely used throughout the world for quality controlled large-scale migration from physical audio carriers.

Tom Lorenz, managing partner of Cube-Tec, commented: “Quadriga•Video has inherited the same magical properties [as previous Quadriga solutions]. With constant monitoring of VTR interactive status reporting, advanced RF level surveillance and real-time AV signal analytics, an operator can supervise four VTR playback devices with a single standard PC workstation using the playback-while-recording mode. Quadriga•Video is well on course to follow in Quadriga’s successful footsteps.”

According to Cube-Tec, its products are in use at world leading media companies and government archives, with installations in more than 100 organisations in 22 countries. The company is a member of various European research projects and involved in international media standardisation activities at SMPTE, AMWA and the EBU.

Stand number: 5.C41