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Q&A: Tony Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, TMD

Has IBC come at a good time for the electronic media industry?

We are at a real tipping point at the moment. The traditional broadcast industry was always defined by its technology – it was the engineers who drove it forward. Now we are in an industry that is liberated by its technology. Software-defined networks in file-based environments free us to develop sophisticated, automated workflows which allow media companies to be more cost-efficient and at the same time engage better with consumers.

What are the key developments in your market sector?

Asset management is no longer a science project, it is a proven, fully functional and extremely powerful tool which uses and enriches metadata to deliver quantifiable benefits for all media companies. Solutions can be easily tailored to deliver real workflow efficiencies, using Content Intelligence logic to drive automated workflows to achieve levels of operational efficiency previously considered unattainable.

To help smaller enterprises gain the same benefits, we now offer a range of pre-configured, packaged workflow solutions including. OnPoint designed for post houses and creative service departments who need to plan and create media campaigns for multiple clients; Transform built to prepare, package and deliver content for online and mobile devices; and Paragon that uses the power of the LTFS data standard to provide a scalable, device-independent, future-proofed archive storage management platform.

Why should delegates visit your stand at IBC?

TMD has a better track record than anyone in delivering asset and workflow management solutions for broadcasters around the world, like Irish national broadcaster RTÉ and international media organisations Modern Times Group (MTG), Discovery Communications and Astro in Malaysia – who incidentally, are in the final stages of deploying their Mediaflex system as we speak. The future architecture of a broadcast or media installation will be software-defined and metadata-driven. The TMD team can talk with authority on how deployment can be practically de risked and bring real tangible benefits to your facility.