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Putting ultra slo-mo on a Polecam crane

Polecam and I-Movix have developed a new addition to the X10 ultra slow motion range, putting a 1,500-frames-per-second camera (at 1920×1080) on the end of a lightweight crane.

The system is already in use by Logo2 Producciones for behind-the-goal action at Spanish football matches, and uses a lightweight configuration of the I-Movix X10 system optimised for use with the Polecam, to give ‘an unbeatable sense of intimacy and insight into the action’, according to Polecam director, Steffan Hewitt.

It combines the I-Movix X10 Spine with a compact Vision Research Miro 320 high-speed camera, with instant replay, to create a system that can integrate fully with live OB production.

“It’s a stunning camera, integrated with the Spine system to make it a multi-camera tool,” said Hewitt, adding that it allows for one-person operation, and is easy to rig and de-rig.

“It’s another extension of creativity for directors and camera operators, and one more step towards making ultra slow motion a ubiquitous tool in sports coverage,” added Laurent Renard, CEO of I-Movix.

Hewitt said the system has to be operated differently to conventional cameras to get the most out of it.

“You have to pan and tilt and boom really fast, which is totally alien to anything you’d normally do, but you get stunning shots,” explained Hewitt.