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Putting the Backbone into front line support

Zurich-based broadcast service provider tpc has deployed Media Backbone Conductor for workflow orchestration.

Qvest Media was the project’s prime contractor. Sony and Qvest’s teams worked together during the design and integration phases, with Sony Professional Services remotely deploying, configuring and testing the off-premise Media Backbone Conductor in the third party’s data centre.

In addition to demonstrating the off-premise operating capabilities as part of an initial proof of concept mini-project, Sony’s PrimeSupport team was engaged to act as ‘front line support’ for tpc to overcome any technical issues or downtime at source.

Niall Duffy, head of workflow and IT solutions, Sony, said: “Our open approach to solutions for broadcasters means that we tailor Media Backbone Conductor to each of our customers, whether we’re chosen as a prime contractor, as in projects like NBC, or as in this case as a subcontractor to Qvest to deliver the integration of workflow orchestration.”