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Proteân shakes up motion control

The new Proteân XMi Remote Head has been designed to deliver very high precision moves and smooth operation, whether for virtual reality or high-speed sport. It can also manage many tasks that often require additional equipment, such as lens drivers and CCU control.

It offers flexible sizing to accommodate more camera models and more applications. Its standard, compact configuration can be fitted with a 50mm width extender and 100mm height extenders as needed. A second side support is also available for heavier loads (up to 20kg).

Users can have 24-bit control for virtual and augmented reality applications, via Bradley M* and Free D protocols, and the system can also be controlled using Bradley D* or DMX. M* includes CCU protocols and can address a second head without interrupting the primary head motion control.

Whichever protocol is selected the unit always responds to a joystick override, enabling the operator to instantly respond to live action. Up to 99 presets can be stored and recalled (depending on controller), each including: pan, tilt, zoom and focus positions, with a Motion Controlled Profile Move to each preset position.

The Proteân XMi has Move Tracing to record a manual move for accurate replay, with adjustable timing or in reverse – useful for performing an accurate zoom in. This allows operators to set up simple motion control moves without a computer. Proteân XMi also uses BR’s Predictive Motion Smoothing algorithm to ensure that movement is not jerky, yet remains accurate.