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ProSup/CaSu: Tango Roller puts brakes on

At IBC last year ProSup showed the prototype of the Tango Roller, a camera slider/track system that runs on rubber rolls, unlike most sliders that use ball bearings that make a system noisy and slightly rough to move. The rolls also allow the Tango track to be extended to whatever length is needed, as you don’t feel any transition at track joints.

ProSup has now added two brakes to safely stop the unit on a slope, something many of the first customers (such as German TV stations WDR and NDR) have requested. Also new are magnetic end stops, “another unique feature of this dolly alternate,” claimed Florian Granderath of distributor Camera Support Granderath. “The Tango can also be operated upside down in an underslung mode with a specially developed underslung bracket.”

The Tango is available as a Pelicase Kit including two tracks of 1.2m and 1m, two Manfrotto monopods for end support when operating off a single tripod, sleepers and other useful accessories.