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Proprietary peer- to-peer platform

Video delivery provider Streamroot has announced the release of its peer-to-peer portal for IBC2015.

Streamroot claimed its patented technology has helped broadcasters around the world cut bandwidth costs, improve quality of service and better manage traffic spikes. Broadcasters can use this proprietary peer-to-peer technology in a comprehensive software-as-as-service product.

The portal is a broadcasters’ one-stop shop for managing their video platforms, said the company. Complete traffic analytics allow broadcasters to focus in on peer-to-peer performance during a specific event or zoom out for an overview of traffic patterns over time.

Realtime tracking of the number of viewers and most popular videos, meanwhile, helps broadcasters better hone in on traffic spikes.

In addition to its traditional peer-to-peer delivery offering, the Streamroot portal also features a number of quality of service analytics for a more complete picture of their audiences.

Broadcasters can optimise user experience by understanding if their streams are rebuffering during playback, seeing the speeds and resolutions viewers are experiencing, and ensuring that quick start-up times keep viewers tuned in.