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Programmed for revenue growth

Telstra subsidiary Ooyala is unveiling some new additions to its premium video publishing, analytics and monetisation products in the IBC Content Everywhere zone this week in Amsterdam.

The company has rebranded its ad serving and programmatic trading products to Ooyala Pulse and Ooyala Pulse SSP, respectively. The change comes within less than a year of its acquisition of Videoplaza, a European video advertising company for premium content providers.

As broadcasters and advertisers increasingly become more comfortable and apt to buy and sell video advertising programmatically, Ooyala provides the necessary tools to boost CPMs and maximise revenue for its customers.

In addition, Ooyala has now completed its second acquisition after Videoplaza in the form of UK-based media logistics company, Nativ.

With Nativ, Ooyala’s technology stack now extends to video production, post production, digital content services, broadcast planning and media management for both OTT and on-air content.

The company said this acquisition comes at a pivotal time for the industry, as the traditional systems for managing media workflow for on-air content delivery are undergoing major transformation, in the same way that media delivery and monetisation solutions are transforming into more open, modular, cloud-based systems.