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ProConsultant Informatique: Time to clean up the mess

Media content today is ubiquitous. When consumers want it, they know where to find it, how to acquire it, and watch it whenever or wherever they want to. This kind of freedom has created new challenges for content owners and distributors trying to maximise the monetisation of the content they create or have rights to.

Precise management of media content is mission-critical. From acquisition through distribution, it must be expertly marketed, accessed, delivered and invoiced. Any disruption along that workflow costs the content owners money as media consumers have too many options to find it elsewhere and too little time to be bothered by any delivery impediments.

With advertising-supported content distribution, marketers are increasingly creative in the ways they weave commercial identification and messages into the production so consumers can’t use the latest technology to zap or hop it. Also, media marketing is becoming less a mass-appeal form of advertising and more a targeted, engaged approach to consumers. Content ‘ownership’ is becoming more central to advertisers’ plans.

Compounding both subscriber and ad-supported content monetisation even further are the creative contractual intricacies of multi- and cross-platform deals. As distribution methods become more specialised and targeted to narrower audiences, rights management becomes more and more complex to codify and execute. Without precise management, it is impossible to optimise content monetisation.

Before you expand your company’s media operations further, take a close look at a schematic that visualises the chain of supporting software applications enabling your operation’s activities and workflow. How many separate boxes and arrows do you count?

Are you comfortable with so many different stacks of databases or silos of applications that have built up over past decades? Can you manage precisely across such a complex chain that may have multiple weak links? Have you squarely addressed a more fully integrated solution?

You should be asking these kinds of questions as you consider future growth because, the more stacks and silos you add on top of what exists today, the more opportunities there are for significant erosion in content value in the complexities and inefficiencies that have compounded over the years. Isn’t it time to clean up the mess? Shouldn’t you now look to streamline your infrastructure so it permits you to grow more efficiently while better managing the monetisation of your content assets?

Over the past 18 years ProConsultant Informatique (PCI) has been helping our clients around the globe make better choices, by selecting an end-to-end Business Management Solution (BMS) as opposed to adding more complexities to their existing schematic. A BMS will future-proof their infrastructure, reduce risk by streamlining the schematic, and enable precise management of content monetisation across ever-expanding operations.

PCI invites you to come by our IBC booth to further discuss what a cost-effective Business Media Solution (BMS) means to the business workflow management of your ubiquitous media assets, optimising their monetisation as you connect with consumers efficiently on an expanding array of engagement