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Pro-Zoom LEDs on the spot

A new range of Pro-Zoom LED ellipsoidal lights has been introduced by Zylight, which can be used as a high-powered spot or gobo projector for television stages, broadcast news studios or live theatre.

There are three 200W lights, with different optical zoom ranges to fit most stage lighting requirements: the Pro-Zoom Wide, with a 30-55º beam width; Pro-Zoom Medium, with an 18-36º beam; and

Pro-Zoom Narrow, with an 8-22º beam. Zylight also offers the Pro-Zoom Plus Narrow with a brighter 230W LED engine and 8-22º beam.

All Pro-Zoom fixtures are available in tungsten (3200K) or daylight (5600K), and feature a double condenser optical system for clean and precise gobo projection. The Pro-Zoom stays cool during operation, so delicate materials such as acetate films can be used to create low-cost, customised colour gobos using an inkjet or laser printer.

Pro-Zooms also include integrated shutters, built-in effects and full DMX control with RDM compatibility. The Pro-Zoom LED spots start at $1,899.