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Pro-Palette spreads even colour

A soft, even wash of light is promised from the new 350W Pro-Palette asymmetric cyclorama light. Designed for TV studios or theatres, it offers enough output to cover 8m cyc walls. It shines pure white for a clean chromakey wash, and includes Zylight’s Color

Mode to produce millions of colours without gels or filters from its red, green, blue and white LEDs.

Built for floor use or truss mount, the Pro-Palette features solid aluminium and steel construction. Up to four Pro-Palette fixtures can be daisy chained through their PowerCon connectors. The lightweight

Pro-Palette features integrated DMX operation as well as an intuitive control panel for smooth 0-100 per cent dimming. It also has dual auto cooling fans.

“Our IS3 panel light with Color Mode continues to be one of our most popular fixtures and the Pro-Palette brings that same rich colour palette in a more powerful package to provide even light output to larger cycs, horizontals and backgrounds,” said Joe Arnao, president of Zylight, who claimed that it’s an affordable choice (at $2,799) for studio chromakey or adding colour backgrounds to productions.