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Pro Fusion of mid-budget prompters

The new Fusion Range of prompting head-up displays from Portaprompt come in 15-, 17- and 19-inch screen sizes. They are designed as a mid-budget system (from £1495 ex VAT) for users who do not need the extended facilities of the Broadcast Quasar or Premium rigs but find that the company’s 365 Personal Prompter options are too limiting and require large screen prompters

The Fusion prompters allow for traditional on-camera through lens rigging (with underslung Talent Monitor options), and have a direct read function (for green screen light ring, cranes and jibs).

The LED-backlit 500 NIT brightness colour monitors are suitable for location, studio and virtual studio usage. They have a flexible rigging and clamps system using 19mm bars allowing multiple styles of camera to be used. The lightweight 19-inch model has a folding hood, to make it more compact and easily transportable.

They have VGA and HDMI input, automatic PAL/NTSC composite video signal detection, do not use fans making them silent in use, are lightweight for robotic operation, and slim line for improved on-camera tilting.

Windigi Lite software is included in bundle with options to upgrade to Lite Plus and Full; there are also a variety of optional wired and wireless hand and foot controllers available (which require Windigi Lite Plus or Full).