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Pre-packaged MAM systems for broadcasters under the spotlight

The capabilities of the Mediaflex asset management platform are being discussed and showcased by TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) at IBC where the company is also leading a case study seminar on an implementation at MTG in London.

On its stand TMD is outlining the benefits of its range of recently released pre-configured MAM products as well as Chameleon, an update that allows an individual’s workstation to show just the relevant MAM information and fields.

“One of the paradoxes of the capabilities of Mediaflex is that it can incorporate so much information and functionality, it can be daunting to get your head around,” said Tony Taylor, the chief executive of TMD. “It means that, although broadcasters are aware of the huge benefits of comprehensive asset management and automated workflows, they can be reluctant to take advantage because of the perceived disruption through implementation.

“Our view is to make each user’s interface so tailored to their needs that it becomes a zero-hours training proposition,” he added. “If each user can instinctively play their part, then the whole process becomes very powerful indeed. That is when broadcasters will truly gain from the power of metadata.”

TMD offers three pre-packaged MAM options: ‘Transform’ is for broadcasters who want to move towards a multi-platform delivery model, using metadata to manage encoding and distribution workflows. ‘OnPoint’ is designed for the post production industry, providing secure access for multiple clients. And ‘Paragon’ is for those starting an archive. Using the open LTFS format, it ensures that content is preserved for future use.

Representatives of TMD and some of the other 11 vendors involved in the MTG project are speaking on the IBC Content Everywhere Technology in Action stage (Hall 3) on Sunday 13 September.