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Powerful entrant in LED Arina

The new Arina LED light fixture is claimed by Nila to be “the most powerful on the market,” offering an output similar to that of a 2500 Watt HMI while using just 800W. Nila said this means that multiple units can be powered off a single household circuit.

It uses a holographic film lens system for precise focus, and features consistent colour output local or remote (DMX) dimming and silent operation.

It also offers flicker-free operation, which has been useful for Mexican Ballistic Testing Specialist, Guillermo Vasavilbazo, who shoots at speeds in excess of 100,000 frames per second, with shutter speeds under 1/400,000 second.

Vasavilbazo said he had “amazing results” from the Arina’s illuminating capabilities, coupled with the company’s Photron Fastcam SA-Z camera.

Vasavilbazo continued, “The Arinas are also working double duty as I use them for documenting procedures with regular pro video cameras and the results have been beyond my expectations in terms of image quality.”
DP Ric Griffith used the 31.5kg Arina for an industrial shoot where he needed a night shot of a company’s headquarters.

“I used the Arina as my moonlight effect almost 400 feet [122m] from the only AC power source available to us,” explained Griffith. “The Arina gave me more light than I needed and we didn’t have to rent a generator.”