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The power of portability

Whilst many fears for the safety of Lithium Ion batteries are groundless, IDX acknowledge that it is a technology that requires experience and quality in design and manufacture. With so much media attention on the safety issue, IDX is pleased to announce at IBC2014 that it is now shipping the new CUE battery.

The CUE range has been designed in Tokyo at IDX headquarters against the most stringent product and electrical safety regulations, PSE Japan. These regulations stipulate that the individual Li Ion cells should be insulated and the honeycomb structure used within the CUE series can be seen on our IBC stand in a cut away model.

Quality and price are the driving factors to be successful in the battery industry. IDX continues to reflect this and we are celebrating 25 years of supplying power solutions to broadcasters on a worldwide basis.

IDX was also a pioneer in the development and introduction of low cost wireless video systems but inherent in the technology used were limitations that meant they could only be classed as monitoring units and were not for on air applications. On air was the preserve of wired systems or expensive microwave links.

What customers wanted was a reliable wireless camera system over long range where the camera operator shares the same feedback from the production team as if they were on a wired link. Advancements in 802.11n technology are reflected in the new CW-F25 wireless system, where 4 x 4 MIMO channels are utilised with OFDM/64QAM modulation to achieve a maximum data rate of 300mbps.

This supports H264/25Mbps high profile video with four channels of embedded audio and time code data. Uniquely the product also supports a second video stream over the link from an IP camera or the G-Bit Ethernet connector on the receiver can be used to route the main feed into an IP server or network. The integration of video and IP related products is a driver across the broadcast industry and delivers end users cheaper and more flexible systems for delivering video content.