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‘Positive reception’ for uSAIL

Syntelix has launched uSAIL, a broadband service for the maritime sector. It’s based on proprietary technology using a cloud ecosystem, on a VSAT iDirect Evolution platform operated by Hispasat.

The Spanish telecom startup claimed that the system offers a flexible, user-oriented commercial approach that is adapted to the seasonal nature and specific demands of the nautical market. It said this would provide ‘unlimited, high-quality connectivity on demand with daily granularity’.

Oriented towards the Western European market with Ku-band capacity using the Hispasat 1E satellite, the uSAIL broadband internet access service provides different qualities of on demand service according to user profiles, ranging from a basic connection for crew, to maximum quality connections for IPTV reception.

It also includes an IP telephone service, combined with specific solutions for crew welfare and maritime streaming, to make it a turnkey offer that covers all client needs in this sector, claimed the company.

Carlos Derqui, co-founder and CEO, Syntelix, said “The confidence and the effort Hispasat has put into this project not only make us proud and confident, but also provide a soundness that clients and actors in this sector highly value. There has been a very positive reception.”

Ester Fernández, marketing manager, Hispasat, added, “It has been very interesting to work with Syntelix on this innovative project, which has had excellent technical results and been very well received on the market. Extending satellite broadband services to the maritime segment of the mobility market is a fundamental goal for the Hispasat Group.”