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Portable AC power without generators

The new 1500-INV power inverter from BlockBattery is capable of powering a Joker 800 HMI, or two Cineo HS2, or two Arri S60 SkyPanels simultaneously, or a range of other high power equipment.

It can provide up to 1500W of 120-volt AC pure sine wave power in a scalable capacity from 400 to 3,200 Watt hours (Wh). This scalable capacity is provided from the output of one to four block batteries, which complete the system.

Compatible models include the new HC400 high current block, the S600, or the S800; which provides the highest capacity with 800Wh per block.

A configuration based on four HC400 units could run a K5600 Joker 800, a Cineo Quantum, or Creamsource Sky units for more than one hour; four S800 units would double that runtime.

A 220v AC version of the 1500-INV is also available.

“The 1500-INV provides the flexibility of a scalable solution and alternative to noisy generators, which are not practical for many applications,” said Greg Prentiss, BlockBattery’s director of sales and marketing.