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Playing the cards right

Demonstrating a strategy to quickly adopt emerging standards, and on the heels of its spring announcement that it was partnering with Sony, Deltacast is launching its first two IP cards at IBC.

These products combine IP network technologies with current SDI standard interfaces to support any resolution of video, claimed the company.

The first card manages two IP connections while the second one supports one IP connection and one 4K SDI channel.

Deltacast’s VideoMaster SDK allows software developers to integrate the cards into their applications. It also offers a unified interface for any Deltacast card, so customers can migrate smoothly from standard to standard.

VideoMaster’s goal is to provided an efficient way to manage the transition from SDI to IP, with the possibility to address both in the same product. Deltacast reported that it is additionally developing a version of VideoMaster that will manage IP connections implemented through standard IP connections proposed by PCs.

Deltacast has also partnered with Intopix to address mixed SDI and IP ecosystems.