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Pixel Power: Buzz around social media

Buzz is a new software accessory for Pixel Power’s playout devices designed to allow users to scan, moderate and broadcast social media interactions.

“To be able to take what your audience is saying about you and put it on screen quickly and safely is a huge advantage. Buzz puts this at anyone’s fingertips,” said Pixel Power CEO, James Gilbert.

Buzz is designed to make it easy to select tweets and other comments by using an integration approach and a simple user interface. Multiple social media feeds are consolidated, and users can accept, format and publish messages.

Ahead of its IBC launch, Buzz was already being used by TV Guide Network during live coverage of the Big Brother house for Big Brother After Dark.

Added Gilbert: “[Users] can define a graphics template to match the look of their show, and quickly and simply pick the right messages out of the incoming feeds. Most important, it is so simple to use that it will be hard to put the wrong content to air.”