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PCIe family offers I/O flexibility

The first two models in the new Flex I/O family of PCI Express input/output cards each feature four input channels and two outputs. On both models, all inputs and outputs can be used simultaneously with independent resolutions, frame rates and processing settings, maximising flexibility.

The Flex I/O SDI 4i2o features 3Gbps SDI interfaces and supports frame sizes up to 2048×1080 – including 2K digital cinema specifications and HD video formats such as 1080p60 – plus 16 channels of embedded audio in each SDI signal. Input channels, as well as the two outputs, can be paired for dual-link SDI connectivity.

Meanwhile, the Flex I/O HDMI 4i2o captures and outputs video up to 2048×1080 (2048×2160 for 3D) over HDMI 1.4 connectivity, and supports up to eight channels of embedded audio per HDMI signal.

While the six independent channels already provide great I/O density, multiple cards can coexist flawlessly in the same system for even higher channel-count uses, claimed the company.

Like Magewell’s capture cards, the Flex I/O family offers 10-bit, FPGA-based video processing, providing up/down-conversion, video adjustments, graphic overlay and more while maximising CPU availability for third-party software.