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Pay TV can win multiscreen challenge

Conax continues to grow in Asia, EMEA and the Americas in securing content distribution and pay TV operations that are based on a wide variety of business models and services.

Our most important forum for showcasing the latest technology and business drivers, meeting key market players and experiencing the newest innovations, IBC plays a key role in meeting the global market.

Reflecting on opportunities, challenges and progress exhibited during the past year provides an interesting perspective as we settle into IBC2014. My first thought is that pay TV has probably changed more in the last few years than during the first decade of this century. TV is available on a range of different devices; tablets are used as companion devices; social media is increasingly influencing TV consumption; and vast video libraries have become available to the majority of TV viewers – just a few recent developments.

There has been a substantial amount of chatter about OTT over the last few years and we are now beginning to see some real solutions and real deployments. Though there have been predictions of TV dying, television remains a core necessity (only now together with a variety of new multiscreen and mobile devices to take the home’s TV viewing experience to the next level). A wide variety of advanced technologies available to guide operators to the next level of TV content distribution is featured at IBC2014.

In the current market environment, pay TV operators are looking to get their feet wet, and determine how to best position for multiscreen/multi-networks content distribution, besides offering the content that people want at a price they are willing to pay.

In order to draw a profit in the evolving multiscreen/multi-network content distribution ecosystem, operators need to ensure content is secure. Here are a few tips on how pay TV can harness the opportunities provided by the expanding content distribution universe.

l Operator’s services should reach the broadest range of devices to drive service uptake and customers satisfaction, and in a cost effective way. This translates to a multi-DRM capable platform, supporting both in-house and third party DRMs.
l The security solution must satisfy content security requirements from all content owners, across all devices.
l Support a wide range of business models consistently on any device.
l Offer a unified way to manage and operate the security solution, hiding complexity of the underlying security and DRM technologies.
l Ensure the solution is ready to scale to new technologies, standards and devices.

IBC’s broad arena of current and forward-thinking forums, global players and extensive networking opportunities presents an invaluable setting for all of us to continue to learn about, contribute and gauge the momentum of this most exciting market.