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Pass the Baton

In Hall 7, Interra is highlighting its approach to QC and monitoring. This includes demonstrations of its Baton QC system, which features a hybrid platform; support for new codecs and formats; expanded audio language detection; HDR quality
checks, data verification checks, PSE correction and black frame removal; and updated loudness detection and correction.

Additionally, Interra’s Baton+ QC and analysis system offers new data analysis features.

Interra is also showing the latest in its Orion monitoring family.

This includes Orion-OTT, a software-based OTT system for real-time monitoring of adaptive bitrate content for multiscreen service delivery over unmanaged networks; and Orion real-time content monitoring and video analysis system.

According to the company, both the Orion-OTT and Orion real-time content monitors have performance improvements. Orion-OTT’s user interface has been updated; the system now offers wider support for ABR content and DRM. There’s also new support for

Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Dolby AC3/EAC3, HEVC, WebVTT and TTML captions.

The Orion real-time content monitors offer new features including REST APIs for exporting closed captions, EBP and IGMP data in XML format.

Also featured on the Interra stand is its Vega media analysis system for standards compliance, debug and interoperability of encoded streams. Recent updates include analysis of ABR formats.