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Partial file retrieval tool released

The company’s new Partial File Retrieve (PFR) technology with FFV1 video encoding for StorageConnector, a management module for NOA’s mediARC archiving solution, allows users to obtain short file segments from sizeable files, without the need to downstream the complete file from tape to disk.

The result is big time savings, said NOA, along with reduced network and disk load and increased throughput capacity on the tape drives.

Specifically designed for use in the management of hefty tape-based repositories, this partial retrieval solution offers hundreds of parallel access configurations, meaning operators are able to retrieve, for example, some 10GB portion of a 200GB file in half a minute (for LTO7). This formerly cumbersome task would have previously required more than 20 minutes if taking the whole file, said NOA.

“Delivery times from the archive to production are a vital part of efficient broadcast workflows,” said Christophe Kummer, CEO, NOA.

“With PFR for StorageConnector, NOA has addressed the issue of time effectiveness by creating a flexible and extremely fast way to extract FFV1 segments of IT tape-based content based upon the API of Storage Content management systems.”