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Panther: New track is on the level

The new Precision Levelling Track system from Panther has been designed to work fast and, above all, to be easy to use. It uses different sizes of telescopic tubes that allow the track to be levelled from 0cm up to 67cm and can be clicked into place and adjusted without any tools.

Each tube can carry a payload of 850kg and a track integrated adjustment lever makes the levelling simple. The system is self locking – the more payload is used, the more gripping force is generated in the tubes. Cross bars are only needed with a heavy payload, and then only on tubes more than 50cm high. The track itself is made from aluminium, but can be fitted with lightweight stainless steel protection.

Also new is the Buddy Plus Dolly, Panther’s successor to its Buddy Dolly, which offers compact dimensions (84cm long, 53.5cm – 82.5cm wide and 40cm high) with good stability and versatility. It uses a patented Crab (4-wheel) and Steer (2-wheel) shift box (although can be delivered optionally with or without crab and steer), and users can achieve camera positions from floor level up to considerable height using such accessories as Panther’s Vario Jib. It weighs 59kg and can carry a maximum camera payload of 900kg.

Panther has also updated its ring platform to offer more stability and flexibility, including adjustable height.