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OZO goes live for VR

Even though the VR industry continues to build momentum, one of the biggest challenges it faces is sluggish consumer adoption. Nokia hopes to overcome this by announcing the upcoming availability of OZO Live, a ‘broadcast-quality’ live VR streaming solution. 2D 360 projections are also supported for broader distributions to web platforms such as YouTube 360.

OZO Live integrates with standard 4K (UHD) broadcast equipment, using standard SDI signal protocols. Nokia says existing production switchers, colour correctors and other gear can be used to build out a full professional workflow.

It processes the raw signal from the camera in real time, stitching panoramic images and outputs monoscopic or stereoscopic video.

OZO Live is a software product running on standard reference server hardware with GPU acceleration.

The OZO itself contains eight microphones recording 360×360 surround sound and eight sensors with 195-degree field of view per lens capture. The audio is software rendered to follow headset orientation. Each interchangeable digital cartridge provides 45 minutes of record time, and saves all media to a single file – rather than a handful of SD cards.

The video sensor contains a progressive scan with a global shutter.