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OTTs offered content solution

OTT software platform specialist Alpha Networks is showcasing its Tucano turnkey solution for OTT providers that have their own content and want to create a good experience for users.

At the same time, the company targets network and mobile operators that want to enter the pay-TV market and create a unique package for their subscribers. Operators, content owners and service providers are all looking for different ways to create new business models to drive more revenue.

Guillaume Devezeaux, chief technology officer, Alpha Networks, said: “By bringing to market a fully integrated solution that addresses the video expectations created by big players such as Google and Netflix, Alpha Networks together with its partners allows operators to compete on a similar footing.”

Tucano provides an open API that enables all back-end features to be available on all device types. The platform is natively integrated with partners on the pay-TV market, such as Wyplay and Wiztivi.