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OTT monitoring is now cloud-based

In July, a new cloud-service for OTT video monitoring was announced by Witbe, and the company is discussing this with visitors to its IBC stand.

Already adopted on-premise by multiple operators and broadcasters to analyse and optimise the quality of their OTT video services, the new capability can now be delivered through Witbe’s reference network, Galilei, from many points of presence in the world.

According to the company, its new offering allows the delivery of KPIs with greater accuracy. Performance trends over time can, the company says, be more easily tracked independent of network stability. Additionally, because the number of networks involved in delivery of the OTT service is reduced, service quality is more easily derived.

Marie-Véronique Lacaze, president and CEO, Witbe, said: “From the beginning, we were convinced that we could not measure a service’s variations of quality using a network with random performance. It was crucial to have our own network, to establish a frame of reference with constant measurements.

We completely control the performance of our reference network, Galilei, and it is adapted for OTT video measures. Witbe is proving its unique expertise and its desire to assist its clients in their daily challenges to deliver all their services with the best quality of experience possible.”