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Orange TV sticks to HTML5

Among the demonstrations on the Espial stand is one of Orange TV, which was rolled out in France in July and which uses Espial HTML5 user experience software. Orange is marketing the HDMI stick-based service (called Cle TV, or the TV Key) to Orange mobile customers, providing access to over 65 channels of live and on-demand content.

The wide-scale launch in France followed a pilot launch in Romania, and will be followed by deployments to several additional European countries later this year. The demo highlights how the Orange Cle TV enables subscribers to share and enjoy personal content on TV, as well as the tablet and smartphone based control.

Martin Conan, OTT box director of Orange, said, “Espial’s software excellence and their on-time delivery have been highly appreciated. Espial’s HTML5 Client solution enabled us to create a user experience where Orange customers can seamlessly navigate traditional TV, on-demand, and internet-based services.”

Jaison Dolvane, CEO, Espial, added, “We’re excited to work with Orange on innovative services for their customers. Leveraging our software, Orange has created a world-class video user experience which will give them competitive advantage, as well as a platform which can be enhanced rapidly to incorporate new services and applications. For Espial, this represents the expansion of our solution onto HDMI-based devices.”

The Orange TV Stick is enabled with a secure Wi-Fi connection, and can be plugged into a variety of consumer devices including TVs and laptops. The shift to a full HTML5 solution is said to be a milestone in Orange’s convergence strategy, creating a seamless experience between broadband and mobile services.