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Orad: In the sports action

The lineup of Orad’s sports production systems at IBC includes a tool kit to address the different aspects of live sports events, including sports enhancement graphics, virtual advertising, and slow motion replay servers. Avi Sharir, president and CEO of Orad, said the aim is to “provide broadcasters with an efficient production workflow while enriching their productions with sophisticated and compelling graphics.”

The PlayMaker sports replay server provides up to eight I/O channels of ingest in multiple video formats, with synchronised slow motion replay and editing tools. Enhancements include a new studio mode, a dedicated workflow for highlight editing of multiple playlists from various incoming feeds, and FlexFX for realtime video effects and 3D graphic transitions for sports highlights, all integrated into PlayMaker’s workflow.

Orad is also featuring its MVP for prepping sports highlight clips. New enhancements include Run by Run, where only the chosen player continues to move while the other players are frozen in place; iFly, with tracked flying cameras allowing object tracking arrows and players’ highlights while the cameras move; and new graphic effects that integrate with statistic collection systems and databases.