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Orad and MUV:

Orad and MUV, a provider of interactive solutions that you wear, have combined their expertise to provide an interactive device which is worn on a presenter’s finger and which turns any surface into an interactive screen. Ideal in a studio environment, the presenter can stand anywhere and rotate, scale, move, drag, tap, hold, draw or highlight graphics on any surface.

The combined solution will be presented at Orad’s stand.

MUV’s tracking technology can identify where the presenter is pointing to, standing, which surfaces are relevant, how much pressure is applied, etc. The data from the MUV device, called Bird, is then transmitted to Orad’s Interact system, which presents the corresponding graphics on the surface. For example, the presenter can drag any image on any wall in the studio or emphasise a particular object in the video wall.

“This groundbreaking solution opens the door for broadcasters who want to turn any surface into an interactive surface. Moreover, by having the sensors on the presenter’s finger, he or she can stand anywhere in the studio as opposed to standing in front of the interactive screen itself,” commented Avi Sharir, CEO and president, Orad.