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Options mount up for miniS4/i lenses

A new range of interchangeable mounts for Cooke’s miniS4/i lenses will allow a much wider range of cameras to obtain the “Cooke Look”.

The mounts will include Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E and Micro 4/3, which will ship in October.

A single mount will fit every focal length lens in the miniS4/i series. Existing miniS4/i users can unbolt the PL mount that comes as standard, bolt on the replacement mount and shim as required.

For new miniS4/i deliveries the lenses will be available with the mount of choice from the factory. The mounts are designed so that they can be used with mirror-less cameras.

The lenses were recently used to shoot UK TV drama Midsomer Murders and the Spanish feature film El pregón.