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Optimised for disaster recovery

An update to the Workspace Backup system now also offers cloud support. The system, designed for Avid ISIS and Nexis systems, enables entire workspaces to be backed up to S3 storage, whether ground or cloud-based.

Project-aware analysis allows an individual project, or individual bin, to be restored to any location, together with only the media it references. Media may be on the workspace, or located in the cloud, but is not duplicated.

Paul Glasgow, sales and marketing director, Marquis Broadcast, said: “The expectation of heads of production or operations, is that ‘recovery to live production’ should ideally take minutes, not a week.

Our design brief was not just to come up with a ‘me too’ backup application, but to develop a system that’s wholly optimised for disaster recovery and business continuity for Avid ISIS and Nexis shared storage.”