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Opportunity knocks with SOTV

Among the numerous demonstrations on Arqiva’s IBC stand is Start-Over TV (SOTV). Available on Freeview, Arqiva said that viewers will now be able to jump back to the start of a programme when joining mid-broadcast, while broadcasters will be able to benefit from monetisation opportunities, as viewers will be taken back to the advertising break.

Tom Cape, connected solutions director, Arqiva, said, “There are multiple benefits of broadcaster-owned start-over. The broadcaster brand remains front and centre, for example, while the absence of transport controls prevents ad skipping, allowing SOTV to be monetised. It provides full control over content blackout, and full access to usage analytics and reporting is possible with session info and dwell time from both the live broadcast and restart usage capable of being captured.”

Arqiva also claimed that SOTV has benefits when compared with PVR solutions. The company stated that start-over provides convenience without consuming a PVR tuner, as second screens typically don’t have PVRs. The company also believes that the cost of a PVR when compared with OTT is slowing their adoption – and start-over plus catch-up provides a replacement service.