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Opinion: Smoothing the path to OTT

Nextscape is a leading OTT business solution provider in Japan. We have helped mobile telcos, animation distributors and TV stations exploit internet entertainment and education businesses by providing a one-stop shop solution from ingestion to content delivery through CDN. Our solution, Media Delivery Suite (MDS), smoothes the painful path to deploying an OTT platform with low cost and ready-to-use PaaS modules.

How do you stream HD and 4K videos on reasonable cost of bandwidth consumption? The answer is HEVC. HEVC drives bandwidth efficiency gains by as much as 50% compared to its predecessor, H.264, by introducing high computing complexity. Nextscape’s cloud based HEVC transcoder can provide a pay-as-you-go, unlimited capacity high-quality HEVC video stream for smart TV and mobile devices.

Content protection is another key to success for OTT, VoD and live services. Nextscape’s PlayReady Solution and client DRM Agent SDK provide a flexible, efficient certificated solution for protecting premium content and HEVC assets. We also help DRM porting to branded connected devices.