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OPINION: Rich tools for storytelling

Johan Apel, president and CEO ChyronHego, explains how graphics production workflows can maximise new video revenue opportunities

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving media and broadcast environments, video has become the killer app and the key to lucrative new revenue streams. In addition to their regular broadcast channels, media companies of all sizes are scrambling to deliver video to non-traditional channels such as multiple platforms, OTT, and streaming services.

Adding to the pressure is the emergence of 4K broadcasting and new compression formats, with viewer demand driving ever-higher picture resolutions.

At the same time, important innovations in broadcast graphics technologies are driving an explosion in both quantity and quality of graphics appearing on air. In the past decade, as GPUs have become more powerful and CPUs have become more inexpensive and faster and memory capacity has grown, graphics technologies have advanced in kind. As a result, graphics have become much richer and graphics tools have become more integral in broadcasters’ ability to tell a story, particularly in the news and sports environment.

For our customers, efficient and scalable workflows can spell the difference between success or failure – and graphics production is no exception. To take maximum advantage of the compelling new opportunities presented by multiplatform and OTT delivery, broadcasters are migrating away from proprietary hardware models and towards IT-centric, software-based solutions.

Without an increase in budget or resources, broadcasters must deploy tools and technologies that will deliver the most efficient workflows with the highest rate of return. Also, companies need ‘resolution-agnostic’ graphics tools that can always deliver the highest-quality results in any resolution including 4K and beyond, with the ability to upscale and cross-convert content with ease between all major broadcast standards.

Therefore, ChyronHego has adopted workflow efficiency as its broad theme at IBC2015. The spotlight is on the entire BlueNet end-to-end graphics workflow, including solutions for enhancing offline graphics production and creating graphics anywhere and at any time using file-based video import and export. ChyronHego is highlighting these solutions in an end-to-end BlueNet workflow for creating not only 4K broadcast graphics but ultra high-resolution video wall displays, augmented reality, and virtual graphics — all powered by the next-generation CAMIO 4.2 graphics asset workflow solution.

In addition, ChyronHego demonstrating several new software-based innovations designed to make it faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ever to turn around stunning graphics presentations from creation to playout — whether customers need to produce traditional graphics or ultra-high-resolution presentations for video walls, virtual graphics, or graphics in nonlinear editing environments.

For instance, ChyronHego’s new Channel Box Prime offers a high-performance foundation for channel branding and playout. Also, Studio MediaMaker brings unprecedented simplicity to production automation for smaller operations as well as to larger networks that are expanding their local news and weather coverage.