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OPINION: Keys to multi-channel platform business growth

Content providers need to take a unified, asset-centric approach to reduce errors and capitalise on new opportunities, says Hervé Obed, CEO and founder, ProConsultant Informatique

What was once a linear business model — sending multiple channels of programming to TV screens — has evolved into a complex mix of linear and nonlinear video services, such as Video on Demand, catch-up TV, mobile apps, web streaming and Over-the-Top (OTT) services like YouTube.

While these new media platforms offer exciting new opportunities to grow the audience, enhance the entertainment experience and add revenue streams, many content providers are finding that, as they add or expand services, the volume of operational tasks to be managed increases exponentially.

Since this growth happened quickly, many content providers now find themselves running separate linear and nonlinear workflows in parallel, with each of these islands responsible for processing and managing programme content destined for a different platform, like the web, podcasts, mobile devices or an OTT service.

Whenever a new nonlinear service needs to be added, content providers either build a new workflow or expand one of their other workflows to handle those responsibilities. They might dedicate new equipment such as servers, transcoders and archival storage to the workflow, or interface it with existing resources to maximise their capital investment.

But without a global solution that can manage and coordinate all of the interrelated tasks along those different linear and nonlinear workflows, losses can result from duplicative effort, wasted resources and costly mistakes. This inefficiency can erode ad revenue, quality of service, partner relationships, brand equity and ultimately profit margins.

That’s why we designed our flagship Business Management Solution (BMS), Louise, with a powerful task manager and a unified asset-centric environment that takes the helm, sending out precise and comprehensive instructions that manage every aspect of daily multi-platform operations.

With hundreds of tools and features accessible from a single, user-friendly interface, Louise manages digital rights, media assets, royalties, resources and a myriad of mission critical tasks from end to end for both linear and nonlinear workflows. Everything takes place in the most accurate and efficient way possible so redundant effort and mistakes are eliminated.

While many content providers may be reluctant to put a single software solution in charge of managing their multi-platform workflows, we believe there is no better way to ensure reliable, streamlined and precise operations than to reorganise all of the facility’s disparate activities within Louise’s intelligent, global ecosystem.

Considering that competition is mounting while budgets are tightening, adopting a unified BMS is vital to managing the dramatically escalating complexity of multi-platform operations while holding the line on costs.

With close to 20 years on the market, Louise has proven that its high-level view of all interrelated operations increases efficiency, productivity and asset value for media companies worldwide. Yet, it’s scalable, modular and adaptable so that it can be phased in to meet evolving operational needs.

Visit our IBC2015 booth to learn how Louise can help you manage your growing multi-platform operation more efficiently for greater productivity and higher profitability.