OpenDrives announces certification with Telestream Vantage

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Telestream Vantage

Shared storage solutions provider OpenDrives has announced that its network-attached storage systems are now officially certified with Telestream’s Vantage video transcoding and file-based workflow automation software.

“We are very proud to be certified with Telestream. Vantage is an industry-leading product deployed alongside our own systems at many of the most prestigious media companies in the world. We see this certification as a validation of a working solution that brings value to both companies’ customer bases,” said Scot Gray, OpenDrives principal product manager. “With this certification, we deepen our relationship with Telestream and with many other diverse companies in our industry, whose businesses rely on advanced media workflows.”

“Centralised high-performance storage has become a pivotal component in today’s world of file-based workflows, so Telestream highly values our certified storage partners who address those needs,” said Paul Turner, vice president of enterprise products at Telestream.

OpenDrives provides customers with high-performance, shared, reliable storage, enabling Vantage workflows to operate faster than real time, processing media with 100% data integrity. This is said to enhance productivity for customers while mitigating risk of downtime and data corruption or loss.