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Ooyala: Tailored viewing on Norway’s vidFlow

New Norwegian vidFlow personalised music video channels provider is using Ooyala’s recommendation technology to tailor personalised music video channels to individual users.

Ooyala Discovery ensures that each viewer is presented with the video selections they will find most interesting based on personal viewing preferences and interactions with vidFlow.

The exhibitor’s personalised media recommendations mean more viewers return to watch more content more frequently resulting in more advertising revenue and a higher conversion rate to the vidFlow’s ad¬free Premium service.

Ooyala Discovery is available on every connected screen and works within the video player, on a webpage, or within a mobile app. It creates a more TV-like experience for online media offering a balance between a ‘lean-back’ experience, in which one video leads to the next through continuous playback, and a ‘lean-forward’ experience that gives consumers control over the videos they watch.

vidFlow launched with a freemium monetisation strategy, offering a free, advertising-based service as well as the option to subscribe to an ad-free Premium version.

The service offers a complete music video experience that tailors music videos to the user’s taste and preference using advanced learning algorithms to personalise the channel experience. A global rollout of vidFlow is planned for 2015.