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One-stop CDN solution

Claiming to provide a one-stop shop solution to enable worldwide delivery of video content, Broadpeak is fielding its team at IBC to discuss the CDN options the company
can offer.

Broadpeak has also brought to the show its new standalone video analytics solution for displaying key video parameters. Using this solution, Broadpeak said that content providers can gain insight into the QoE actually perceived by end-users, leveraging critical information such as start-up time, stall durations, rebufferings and user interactions.

Cloud PVR is Broadpeak’s offering which it said encompasses all scenarios for shared copy and private copy cloud PVR. Using cloud PVR, operators can deliver a broad range of services, including start-over, time-shift and catch-up TV, as well as impulsive recording, while only storing content once.

Also being showcased is nanoCDN multicast ABR for 4K content, as is CDN in a box.

Broadpeak claimed that CDN in a box dramatically simplifies the deployment of video streaming services by providing operators with essential capabilities, such as CDN management, video analytics, video streaming servers, and origin packaging. The company’s CDN services support a variety of OTT applications for operators, including disaster recovery and fail-over scenarios to address a broad range of needs.