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One Click locking lighting stands

The Kupo Click lighting stands have a clever four-way interlocking mechanism that makes them easier to store and transport.

It allows users to fold stands flat and lock them to another with one click.

The Mini stand is 210cm high, with three risers and four sections, while the Midi version is 240cm high, with two risers and three sections.

Both are constructed from aluminium alloy and use air cushioning to prevent the lighting fixture from slamming down if the locking knob is not tightened properly. It uses a bi-colour injection knob that offers a positive locking and ergonomic grip to make this less likely, however.

It also uses a quick-release clamp design for quick set-up and easy locking tension adjustment.

An optional strap with two clasps can be attached to the plastic locking loops so that users can easily carry a set over their shoulder.