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Octopus: Anniversary Newsroom update

The 15th anniversary of Octopus Newsroom is being marked with a new software release that underscores what the company believes is the future direction of newsroom systems.

Octopus Newsroom was designed to help broadcasters manage, produce and deliver news programming. With version 7.2, customers have access to new tools for production management of user generated content. Idea Stream enables newsroom users to tag and categorise every document, file and image — and even specific URLs, YouTube videos or online images. Individual users can set up alerts to be notified when new content on specific topics has been tagged.

“With the advent of audience-generated content and crowd-sourced clips, it is increasingly difficult for news editors to keep track of every relevant file. With this new production management tool, we now have a practical solution to this growing problem,” said sales director, Gabriel Janko.

Octopus Newsroom has also enhanced its Facebook toolset for social media management. From the newsroom system itself, users can monitor ‘likes’ as well as publish, share and un-publish content. Instead of deleting posts outright, this feature keeps removed content in an archive, allowing broadcasters to keep a record of its Facebook activity.

Another new feature is Vizrt Integration, which provides an instant preview of Vizrt graphics directly in the Octopus client. “In the newsroom, speed counts,” said Octopus technology partner manager, Milan Varga.

“With our Vizrt integration, valuable time is saved. In a live environment, this will make a big difference to news teams.”