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Nvidia: Virtual camera demonstration

A virtual camera technology demonstration showcases the potential of Nvidia’s upcoming line of Quadro GPUs.

The position of the “camera”—a Google Project Tango tablet with tracking capabilities that uses the Tegra chip—is streamed to a 3D renderer or content creation application (in this case, Autodesk’s Maya) where CG elements are rendered using Nvidia Quadro GPUs, video-encoded by Nvidia GRID technologies, and streamed back to the tablet combining live action and CG with low latency.

“It allows filmmakers and content creators to interactively visualise CGI assets composited into a live-action set, enabling effective shot placement. This new technology enables the virtual framing of a shot, composited with realtime CGI, on a live-action set,” said Wil Braithwaite, senior applied engineer, VFX, Nvidia.